Saturday, December 3, 2011

The benefits of determination and self discipline ....

can mean the same results for you...63lbs lost....yes it did take me 2 and a half years but its amazing what you can do with a little hard work (Gym time) and self discipline ( limiting carbs) Nothing crazy and/or drastic except occasionally getting up at crazy hours to go to the gym (and occasionally knocking a cupcake out of my own hand...I kid I kid)....I will say I am not a hater but the words that really upset me most is when people could see the weight that I had lost and said "It must be nice to have that kind of time to go to the gym all the time"
Well I don't and have never had lots of extra time AND I don't go all the time....I like most people work full time and have children to raise...this is something that you have to make time for in your life if its what you want....if that is important to you....and I did....and I do....IT WAS AND STILL IS HARD WORK!!!
Andddd....please do not get me wrong...I am not saying I looked bad before or that I look great now....

BEFORE this pic isn't even me at my largest - I had already lost 15 by the time this pic was taken - 2009

NOW - December 3, 2011

Home from the Christmas party and sooo ready for bed ;)
Night night!!!!

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