Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pallet Bedroom for Zachary is completed...

Zachary's room before

 I used the bones from his previous bed and went to work
This is the unfinished headboard

Completed reclaimed pallet bed under bed drawers were also covered in reclaimed lumber and
rope pull have been added

Karen pulled it together perfectly just as I thought she would :)


Shelves are just being added to the market place....they are awesome and you can use them in any room or all rooms in your home....Bath room to hold towels...Bedroom to hold pictures and books....Childs room to hold favorite books and stuffed animals....Girls room to hold jewelry and magazines...Boys rooms to hold trophys...Kitched to hold wine bottles and accesories...
the possibilties are unlimited 


  1. What a cool transformation! The work you've done with the bed frame is fantastic. I bet your son loved his new room.

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  2. Thanks sooo much...I actually did this for someone else :)