Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Santa....

Just in case you were wondering what I would like this year
I have put a little something together for you
(and YES I have been a very very good girl)

Who knows when I will need a sexy black dress...just in case though
(I do so love dressing girly)
Love this one from an ETSY store GEMjewelrydesign
Sexy shoes for a sexy dress :) Sometimes a girl just wants to look and feel FABULOUS!!!!!
Found these at Christian Louboutin

I know I am a girl...most of the time a girly girl
but for the record this girly girl uses power tools too
and would totally love you forevaaa if this was under my tree

Yes Santa Baby....I know how many carbs are in this.....
Butttt I have been on a diet for three years now...Just saying
And yes I think I will be eating it all by myself in one sitting... 
(LMAO...anyone that knows me knows I would never ever be able to do it
and just the thought that beautiful yummy looking carb filled cake sitting in front of me waiting for me to devour it....would probably make me sick)
A Girl can dream can't she

YES PLEASE....ALL OF IT....I know...I know...butttt Hardly any of my clothes fit me :( remember the diet worked
and remember I have been REALLY REALLY GOOD

Wouldnt I look awesome in this working on all my fabulous furniture ideas in my workshop
(aka...tiny garage but perfect workspace for me)
 anddd maybe a pair of hot pink glitter heels to go with?!?! thats just a maybe...don't want to push my
But for the record Santa any of the above will do
just sayinnnnn
and no silly santa I will not really be wearing these in the

OK...OK....I know this is way much buttt just think If my hair could look like this everday when I woke
up how much extra time I would have left to work on my super cool millions of ideas that run through this head of mine....Hey a girl can dream can't she :)

OHHHH and can't forget this.....can you look into gloves that magically appear on my hands when I start staining, painting or stripping know...just see what you can do ;)
One lesson I haven't been able to learn from...DARN IT...

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