A little Simplicity for others...

John's Christmas present to his wife
to have these redone :)
John added a bow and lots of goodies in the
drawers and A fabulous thoughtful Christmas present for his wife :) 


Curtis's Desk
This awesome desk has great bones but had
previous water damage and he wants it painted black
and he is replacing with knobs of his choice


 Sheila's Ottoman

Zach's Bed
Karen came over to pick up other pieces from the Market Place and noticed the pallet 
Daybed I had and asked if I could create a bed or her son Zach out of reclaimed pallet wood...
of course I took on that challenge 
I used the bones of his old bed to create a bed using reclaimed pallet wood
It will be awesome once Karen gets it all pulled together....Stay tuned for the finished rrom photos using the Bed and pallet sheves.....


All pulled together in Zachary's room

Coffee Table custom made for Spencer

Dresser and nightstand for
I added these to the coming soon and as soon as Melissa set eyes on them and seeing my previous work she wanted them before they had even been started :)


A little Simplicity for Deborah too
Vintage Desk

Stay tuned for the after.....


  1. Oooooh, I'm looking for some nightstands just like these! They are so hard to find. Great job making them look great again! :)

  2. Thanks sooo much...you will be very happy to know that these were an old vintage dressing table turned into these end tables and occasionally you will see those on craigslist :) keep your eyes peeled ;) and checked out your blog and love your work too!!!