Monday, November 9, 2015

A lil update :-)

I am so sorryyyyy
I have been totally neglecting my blog :-(
Which is so sad because I love doing it!!!

I hate to admit it but it is easier just to post my 
updates and pics on my
Sweet Sweet Simplicity 
Facebook page....

Shame on me!!!!

Anyway here is a little update.....

A good friend of mine gave me a table
a little rough around the edges but I love it and the fact that a good friend gave it to me makes it even better
so Most of my projects I redo and sell this one I am keeping

The top was badly damaged so I will not be able to stain it
I will be painting it black

This beauty is all sanded and ready to be painted
(which i did this weekend...Woohoo)

I ordered the chairs and 
the were delivered today

So excited to get this put together :-)

All finished and loved it so much 
I kept it for myself 
(which is rare)

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