Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Painted Cowboy bootsssss.....Who knew :-)

Soooooo I just received a crazyyy cool special request custom orderfrom a return customer that had purchased a couple of signs from me (Thanks Becki <3).....Readyyyy for this?!?!?!
Check it out....she wants me to do a custom paint job on a pair of her favorite cowboy boots (which made me a nervous wreck...they are her fav's what if I mess up?!?! EKKKK)....she is leaving everything up to me...colors and all except....she wants checker board on the toes and on the back of the boots she want one to say Rebel child and Mama tried on the other!!! SOOO EXCITED....I added a couple of cool ideas

My favorite words....CREATIVE FREEDOM smile emoticon Sooooooo I am beginning to think my customers think I can do just about anything...From a princess castle bunk bed to custom painted boots.....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Becki's before pic of her boots....

Some ideas......


And completed.....I do have to say so myself


I just love this girlie....
Becki wearing her boots :-)

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