Friday, January 20, 2012

I wonder if....

my eyes are currently that big since I am on my fourth cup of YUMMMYYYYYY Coffee?!?!!?

Good Morning....

Wake up every morning
with the thought that
something WONDERFUL
is about to happen.

Quick question....
Is the office that I work in the only one
that keeps it

(and as you can see my eyes are not that big but I do feel like I can accomplish just about anything today
I feel like I am going 200 MPH....because in my everday world...I already go ummm about 150mph)
Yes that is me wearing my scarf just like I do
(even with my heater on full force)
anddd for the record
I would have my coat on too
But I spilled coffee down the sleeve :(
The upside....I DIDN'T spill it on my white shirt :)
It is a good day....and Friday at that!!!!!

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