Friday, January 13, 2012

Fabulous Jewelry Shelf....

Jewelry Shelf
I have it sitting on my dresser to display but
hardware can be added to hang on the wall
and guess what its made out of....
a reclaimed pallet
Soooo Cute.....
This is what I started with
an adorable mini pallet
(and yes i do think mini pallets are

Pieces to end tables that I up cycled
I took apart one side of the door from what was on a previous end table and
painted them white....and was trying to discover a creative way to attach the
to the pallet.....success (so cute)
and also sanded areas and applied stain the give the pieces a vintage look
Painted the pallet white leaving some of the raw wood showing
(for the record that Jack Daniels box in the background was not emptied by me
...I'm still working on it...I KID...I KID...I guess if my mind wasn't
going a million miles an hour with all the projects I am working on and want to try I would need an entire box of Jack...Really I am kidding a rob your neighbor gift was wrapped in it at my families Christmas Party...BUTTTT there was delight in my eyes when I unwrapped it...only to find when I opened it Tupperware...REALLY :( )
Then I went over the painted piece with stain to give it the vintage worn look
paying good attention to the raw wood

I added the pieces from the previous doors, lots of hooks, a couple of drawer pulls and an adorable line of scrapbook paper to
the piece....

Just added to the Simplicity market place

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