Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day Bed is Completed!!!

and it turned out Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!
AND GUESS WHAT ITS MADE FROM....RECYCLED PALLETS!!!! DID read it correctly...LOTS OF PALLETS AND LOTS AND LOTS of hard work, vision and determination!!!
I actually thought that the rain was going to put a damper
on my goal of completing the bed
Heck no I kicked into high gear...made room in the garage and built it in was tuff but I survived :)
This would also make an awesome couch in any family room!!

Before stain...Base and Head board

Stained....Woot woot

Even my very well deserved Mich Ultra put his tuxedo shirt on for the occasion
Ummmm note to self wear gloves when you stain...duhhh
Sorry my friends for the no make up and the hair do or lack

The pic below is a different pallet daybed and has a pallet coffee table I made :)
 Love them both
there is just something about 
raw stained wood that I

I could not be more happy with the outcome....
Everybit of the hard work was well worth it!!! 

Here are a couple of other gorgeous pallet bed/couch ideas to ponder....

Santa if you are reading this....I would LOVE...LOVE...LOVE a table saw :) I have been a REALLY good girl :) son is tired of holding the borads while I cut he has much better things to be doing!!!

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