Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antique on the outside and Modern on the inside....

Ok I have to admit it
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation!!!!!!

Here is the AFTER
She just sent me this picture

My friend messaged me on face book after seeing a lot of the work I do and asked if I would be up for an interesting project...
AND OF COURSE I SAID HECK YEAH!!!! She wanted to keep the look of this gorgeous antique piece but make the inside a wine cabinet....I LOVED THAT IDEA....Sent her lots of pics and this is what we came up with......
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.....I love how we kept the integrity of this beautiful antique piece but gave it a gorgeous modern spin when you open those doors....Ohhhh how I love transforming furniture

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YESSSS IM A GIRL AND I LOVE MY TOOLS  ACTUALLYYYYYY I LOVE WHAT I CAN CREATE USING MY TOOLS!!!! And I could also waste a day away in Home Depot or Lowes....Teeheehee....DON'T get me wrong this girl is no tomboy I could also do some damage clothes/shoes/girlie shopping 

Antique Cabinet

Before pictures of the inside of the Cabinet 

Wine glass holders made from T Molding added on the left
and wine shelving on the right

I totally LOVE how its antique on the outside
and modern on the inside

Close up of the wine glass holders 

Close up of the wine shelving 

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