Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just want to say....

to each and everyone that supports me and believes in me and Sweet Sweet Simplicity.
 To all my friends, family and loved ones that share my posts on Facebook and send their friends and loved ones my way.
 For all the praise and compliments....
That is why I am here doing what I love and there wouldn't be a Sweet Sweet Simplicity without each and everyone of you!!!! 
My pieces sell fast and some before even completed!!!
I am truly one lucky lady
with a ton of people on my side and that love helping me succeed!!!

A little thing that reminded of my favorite buyers
(and one of my best girlfriends...Thanks Deanna)
said to me today
Les quit listing and selling things without showing me first damn it
my favorite pieces in my home are the ones that you have done :)
(For the record her home is GORGEOUS with some amazing pieces....How Flipping awesome is that....makes me feel all good inside...teeheeeheee)


A special thanks to Mike....
even though he is so busy making his own dreams come true is always there helping me and supporting me with mine...
Michael not really sure where I would be without you baby
Thanks for every single thing you do!!!

I know some days I can be a pain in the ass
(can you help me move this...can we pick this up...Cna we deliver this....can you...can you can you....
and each and every time its yes...Thanks for that) 
but I hope all the awesome days we have make it all worth while ;)

Most of you know my boyfriend and his music if not check it out
sometime...he is a pretty amazing man with 
some prettyyy awesome god given talent...

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