Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to my weekend

I have been a veryyyy busy girl

Will continue to be :)
All weekend

I would also like to thank everyone that have sent emails (lots of encouragement and praise) to me regarding my work...
Its absolutely wonderful knowing that someone appreciates and loves what I am doing as
much as I love doing it!!!
For you to take time out of your busy schedule to send me the most amazing words of encouragment is astounding and really means the world to me!!!


  1. Beautiful, unique ideas and reclamations. Have to say I smiled at all the pics until the "something to think about"..the pics of a couple-childhood to graves. As a widow, it has darkened this gorgeous, sunny, spring-like day. Just something to think about....sorry, but it's sad... thank you, Pam

  2. I'm sorry Pam.... It was meant to show love and adoration for the person that you want to grow old with and most definitely not to put gloom in anyone's day :( especially on a beautiful day like today.... So sorry Pam