Thursday, February 16, 2012

So missed

It's so crazy how it aggravated me when I was younger that I looked like my mom.... Now on days like today when I look in the mirror as I am getting ready for another day it makes smile and miss her soooo much.... 14 1/2 years without my best friend :-( ...My mom and dad would of been married 39 years on Valentines day this year (yes Two days ago)...5 grand baby's she was never even been able to meet and enjoy....She was a wonderful grandmother oldest son Tom was crazy about her and she was crazy about him (even when he colored all over the back seat of her brand new car with his crayons) Now grandpa on the other hand...not soo happy...Mom said now Allen it's just a car....There was this song I remember mom and Tommy always dancing too Tom called it The Train Song....Oh she would get him doing moves I had never seen before...
(sorry Tom but it was priceless)

Mom would love to show him off...she was so proud....and I am so fortunate that she was part of his precious life...she helped make him into the wonderful man that he is today!!!
Thank goodness for all the wonderful memories
Today I look just like my I think about her everyday!!!
Wonderful memories start at home......
I am ready to make many more with my kiddos :)
just as my mom did with us...
I am fortunate we already have sooo many good ones!!!!
Memories are the only thing you leave behind

Perfectly said......

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