Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 My son is on his flight back to college :(
So grateful for every single moment we (lil man and me) get to spend with him!!!!

I am SOOOO very proud of him and I tell him all the time
he had friends over on Friday night and it was so awesome to hear all of his many friends tell him that they are proud of him too!!!!
WOW....Makes me know that I rasied a wonderful son and for friends his age to look up to him is a great feeling!!!

Miss you already Thomas Allen Lister!!!

Thanks for the wonderful example you are setting for your brother...remember you are his hero :)

AND just remember
success is right around the corner for all that hard work and dedication sooner than you think!!!

And while I am at it I am so thankful for the beautiful relationship that I have with these two
amazing men that I share my life with.....

OK...OK....I will quit....give me a break its the New Year and reflecting on my blessed life....


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